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simply a voyager, who just goes from one space to another space

Let’s start a journey with ZuhaWorld Open Blog

let’s start? Welcome to the Zuha World Open Blog Family “I don’t want to Live alone but I want to Leave alone” Stay with us as “Always One Step Ahead” member. May be you don’t have any friend in your World, but never forget you have ZuhaWorld who always staying ...

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Love with pain

ঝড়ের পাখী হয়ে উড়ে যেতে হবে বহুদুরে জানিনা কোন ঠিকানা হারিয়েছি সীমানা

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Universal Truth

From the very beginning of this Universe always we found a common war that is Good vS Bad both are needed otherwise how can we understood why always GOOD got win!

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Save Your Future

Save Your Future, how? Monitor Your Past Find out Your Best Friends Find out their past position Find out their current position Compare your both positions I think you already got your answer now just save your FUTURE

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