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Birds Vs Animals War

After losing the battle of the birds, the bat came to the service and told,
“I bat, maybe see like a bird, but like animals on my face. So I am also an animal like you …”

Next time the animals were lost, the bat ran to the birds and said, “Oh Lord, thank you, finally we the birds got victory.”

after that…???

The birds and animals became friends and forgotten war.
Clever bat ran at the press conference, shattering the front of the neck, bat said,
“Hey all look at me, I seem like a bird on, but my mouth like an animal …. I am the only one, who had set up friendship between animals and birds in the animal world ……. !!!”

Be careful bats. I am not animals, also not birds, I’m ZuhaWorld …. So never come to play game with me…

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